Elexis Morton 

Actress | Singer | Mover

The Luedtke Agency, LLC
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Long Island City, NY 11101
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With an unquenchable passion for stories that comment on the harsh realities of today, Elexis charges a room with regality and power. Dedicated to bringing her raw truth to every role, Elexis approaches her work from the womb, ejecting a whirlwind of tenacity, her own sensuality, and class. Sassy and brassy in nature, yet gentle and nurturing in between, she strives to generate a smart, relentless, available ensemble, leading from behind. She guides and inspires her peers with her demanding work ethic and her willingness to bear the soul in any process. She remains tenaciously ambitious and gracefully humble, and looks forward to creating new works that change the world.





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The Luedtke Agency, LLC
1674 Broadway #7a, New York
Phone: (212)765-9564
Email: luedtke@luedtkeagency.com

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